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Mental Preparation

Before You Start the Pivotal Health Plan 
You Must Prepare Mentally

Begin with the end in mind

A strong clear goal, and a burning desire to make it a reality, are essential to your success. You also need an accurate roadmap to your destination. Having these prerequisites in place will probe the mind to achieve the task at hand. 

Be smart
  • Starting with a clear vision, your goal should be specific, measurable, achievable and relevant (consistent with your purpose, core values and beliefs). 
  • You should aim to achieve your goal within specific time frame. 
  • Ask yourself... "Do I really want to lose those extra pounds or am I doing this only to comply with my doctor's recommendations?" 
  • Live in the present moment: enjoy what is happening right now rather than what has happened in the past, or should happen in the future.
  • Heal the past and get rid of your old baggage. Keep moving forward. 
  • Do not focus on your flaws - focus on your strengths - and manage around your weaknesses.
  • Often, people invest in what they don’t want! Setting a goal to lose weight when you don't have a genuine heart-felt desire is like planning to go to war against your own body. To have the right mindset you will need to change the image or the image projector (what creates those images). 
  • Frame your goal in positive words, make them alive and inspiring. That way you will get the results you are aiming for.
We suggest looking at photos of yourself at the age 20. This may might set a good reference point. At that age your health was optimal and your body weight was probably normal. This may keep you focused and motivate you to improve your shape and boost your energy levels. 

We are all are driven by cause, purpose and belief. We know exactly “what” we want but we need to elaborate on “why” we want it. You have to get down to as many answers as possible and become emotionally attached to it to generate momentum and reach your goal.  So be specific about what you love to do when you regain back you health. You might want to play with your grand children in the local park, dance with your daughter at her wedding, or simply go on an exotic holiday.  

Are you ready for the change?

You must take you goal through the first test: 
  • Change your relation to food. Food is supposed to nourish, energise and vitalise you body rather than go straight into your fat storehouse. 
  • Eat only when you are hungry and drink when you are thirsty. 
  • Stop seeking comfort in food when exposed to emotional stresses such as fear, depression or anger. Be smart and deal with the original stimulus.  
  • Do you believe losing that much weight is possible? 
  • Do you personally deserve to have it? 
  • Would it be a worthy goal to pursue? 
You may have known someone who achieved a similar goal in the past or heard or read a similar story in a magazine. If not, you should ask a friend or consult an expert to make sure your goal is achievable or otherwise revisit your goal and make it more realistic. Also, many people struggle to achieve their goals due to poor self-image (low self-esteem). Such people probably need specialist advice and support before they can embark and participate in any health plan. Building up an unshakable self-image is paramount to your success. 

Building up your self-image by using a spiritual approach is much more rewarding (and more effective): love, forgiveness and gratitude lifts you up and makes you feel valued. Monitor any thoughts that may break into negative feelings which change your behaviour. Remember. your thoughts are directly influenced with past experience, daydreams and positive awareness. The Pivotal Health Plan can be your paradigm shift to lifelong health and fitness.

Other Things You Can Do
  • You often need to take a serious action to weed out doubts and negative self-talk ("...I can’t do it"). So get you ego out of the way and ask for help (don’t be too shy or too proud), and adopt positive affirmations in order to strengthen your desire to reach your worthy goal. 
  • You often need to silence the critic in your brain and switch on the "go getter" to make sure you progress steadily to your goals.
  • Check that your vision is in alignment with your purpose and core values. Attaining such consistency will generate passion and ensure perseverance during the journey.
  • You can double your chance of success by referring back to your past victories and successes. So try to recall the words you heard, the feelings you experienced and the confidence you gained. This fills up your reserve tank and makes sure you have enough fuel to complete the crucial journey.
  • Keep a sense of urgency because your chance to achieve your dream body weight will diminish gradually as time passes (if you don't make significant progress).  
Remember to Deal with stress

Your brain is energy efficient: over-activity in one area switches off activities in other areas. Stress results in over activity of the midbrain and consequently under-activity in the intellectual and functional upper brain. People might not appreciate how much they are stressed. Being stressed will not only diminish your intellectual function but exposes you to a variety of negative emotions including guilt, shame and anger. These negative emotions may cause obesity and over weight and may hinder progress of your weight loss program. Again, Cortisol drains your energy, shrinks your muscles and increases the biological waste and reactive oxidants.

In real life terms negative emotions such as fear and anger bring about sacristy, while positive unconditional love result in prosperity and abundance. Switch off stress and phase out negative emotions for maximum gain. Learn simple techniques you can practice to keep stress in bay. There are a variety of techniques to calm down your mind and body. These include mindfulness, visualisation and meditation.

When you start your journey towards health and vitality, stay focused and move forward one step at a time. Be passionate and positive! Let your mind be willing to learn and take action every day until you reach your goals. And remember, small changes add up over time to make great results.  

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